Friday, May 3, 2013

Goodbye Edmonton

Well, today is the end of my 10 week long adventure.  I have spent 5 weeks in London England, 1 week in Paris, and 4 weeks in Edmonton.

The highlights of my time in Edmonton have been:

1. Working with Dawn. She was is an amazing teacher.  She mentored me and was so welcoming.

2. Staying with Judy and George.  They graciously invited me into their home and I again felt so welcomed.  Judy made delicious meals and baked me treats!

3. The visit to Vancouver.  What a beautiful city, enjoyed with dear old friend and delicious food!

There may not be too many updates for a while as life returns to 'normal' for a few months.

Stay tuned for highlights of working as the Camp Doctor at Ontario Pioneer Camp in July and then moving to Bangladesh!