Thursday, August 29, 2013

Home in Dhaka

Our home is located in the diplomatic area about 15 mins walk from the Canadian High Commission and slightly closer to the American International School where I will be doing a clinic.

We are in new apartment on a quiet residential street, very close to a small lake (mosquito breeding zone).

The weather right now is hot (although not extremely hot) and very humid.  Inside the house it is comfortable with A/C running all the time.  Outside is humid, but not unbearable.

Living Room

Dining Room

Small bedroom (office)



Spare Room

View of the street below

View looking out the bedroom window

Dining room looking towards the living room

Master Bedroom

Bathtub warning..will be sure to avoid the tub if under hypnosis...

Travelling to Dhaka!

Here are a few photos from our journey to Dhaka.
Leaving Ottawa...

Dubai at 2:25am.  Shall we fly to Kabul or maybe Bagram???

Getting on the plane to Dhaka in Dubai.
Total number of people on the flight who were not migrant Bangladeshi workers?  2

When I got on the plane the stewardess took one look at where I was supposed to be sitting, exclaimed "that won't do", and moved Dan and I to the exit row.  Tons of leg room for our last flight, on a brand new 737!  

Arriving in Dhaka Airport.