Tuesday, December 10, 2013

One month later….

It has been a busy month!  I have been all the way around the globe and now I'm back in Dhaka.

This post will be about the trip to Thailand.  Which was the first stop on my round the world trip.

Thailand was great.  It is spectacularly beautiful.  The highlight was visiting the Hongs in Phang Nga Bay. These are islands shaped like donuts, the inside has been hollowed out by rainwater eroding the limestone.  There are shallow sea caves which allow you to enter the inside of the islands by kayak.

Kayaks entering the sea caves 
Inside the cave; it was so short we had to lie down to get through!

Emerging from the cave into the central lagoon of one of the islands.

Mangroves fill the centre of the island.

Actually we didn't get to paddle, only our guide did! 

Paddling along the edge of the island under the limestone formations.

Entering a larger cave.

Exiting a shallow cave.

Paddling through the cave.

Inside the cave.

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