Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Parents determined to see their child cured.

Many of the families at BSMMU come from extremely limited financial circumstances.  These are families who struggle to afford food and shelter at the best of times.  Having a child with cancer is very expensive for them; according to research done in our department, by the time that their child is diagnosed with cancer, they've already visited an average of 3-4 doctors, paid for many tests, and they've travelled from their village to get seen in Dhaka, often full day's journey.  Additionally there's the loss of wages if the father (generally the family wage earner) accompanies the mother and child to Dhaka and cost of food and accommodation.  In spite of all of this they preservere and somehow find a way to pay for their child's treatments.

Making music in the playroom! 
Debbie has spent time each day on the ward bringing happiness to kids admitted to the ward.

Watching the Meena videos on tablets donated by symphony 

This little guy is doing much better and he's much bigger than the last time I saw him 6 months ago!

Another little girl who's looking a lot better than the last time I saw her!

This mom is very dedicated to her son's treatment, she doesn't have much money but she's determined to get him the treatment he needs.  She works in a garment factory.

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