Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Another Adventure

Yesterday I went on another outreach trip.  This time to Hukuntsi which is north of Tsabong and also in the middle of the Khalahari.  The day was not quite as hot as last time, probably around 30 degrees instead of 35.  When we were flying in you could see Pans scattered across the desert. These are flat basins with a coating of salt, which were once part of a huge lake which covered much of Botswana.  However, 10 000 years ago, it's thought that tectonic plat shifts caused the huge lake to evaporate, leaving only salt behind.

In Hukuntsi, I was doing similar work to what I did in Tsabong.  I started to learn more about the San people of the Khalahari.  They have been forced off much of their traditional lands into settlements, which I suspect will not work well for this hunter-gatherer people. 

Today I was back at Princess Marina Hospital doing oncology again.  I'm looking forward to Dan's arrival next weekend when we start our safari adventures!

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