Monday, October 21, 2013

Back in Dhaka!

Well the weather hasn't changed in Dhaka in the 2.5 weeks when I was gone.  It's still hot and humid, although perhaps a little less so.

I am back at work here after a few days break to recover from jetlag.  Last week was Eid, which is not a good time to be a goat or a cow or even a camel as many families buy one of these animals and slaughter it as part of the celebration.  The animal is butchered right on the street outside the house!  I am not including any pictures of this but it does lead to some gruesome sights walking down the street.  The meat is then distributed to friends and neighbours as well as the poor. You see many people walking around with bloody plastic bags filled with meat!

As a friend of Dan's put it:  "Mary had a little lamb...not any more!"

More photos coming soon...

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