Friday, March 21, 2014

Keeping Busy!

Here is an update on some current projects that I'm working on at the hospital.

Play therapy.  We have finished our toy drive and it was overall a huge success.  Gwen prepared a list of the most needed items and we were lucky to receive most of these items.  We have also applied for funding from several local organizations to help us get some specialized physiotherapy equipment.  This equipment will be made locally at the Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed which specializes in rehabilitation medicine.  (This is where many of those injured in the Rana Plaza building collapse received rehabilitation and prosthetics if they required amputations.)

Just a small slice of the toys donated. Spread out at my house as I get them all cleaned and sorted.

Working with students at the American School in Dhaka.  This group of students is learning about medical technology and to see this in action they travelled to BSMMU with me one day. The visited the wards and interviewed some patients.  They also visited the laboratory which is part of the oncology department and learned about some of the specialized machines which are used to diagnose cancer in children. They have been also helping with the toy drive and raising money to purchase several wheelchairs for the ward.

Part of the Gr. 5 class at the American School who came on a field trip to visit BSMMU and learn about medical technology.

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