Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Toy Drive in Dhaka

Gwen and I are asking the expatriate community to donate toys for the children at BSMMU.  We need these toys to give us something to work with in the play therapy program!  So far after two days of advertising we already have quite a few toys.  The best part is that we are getting some of the really good quality 'therapy' toys that we were hoping for; things like megablocks, shape shorter toys, and musical instruments.

The grade 5 class at the American International School is also going to be coming to visit the hospital tomorrow. They are also helping us to collect toys at their school and fundraising as part of a learning project, which will be used for IV poles, walkers, and wheelchairs.

Gwen's kids testing out some of our toy donations.

I also did my first teaching session with the nurses today.  I had one of the residents translate for me and it was a success!  I've invited Charlotte, the nurse educator, to come and give a guest lecture for the next session.

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