Saturday, June 21, 2014

More about the Picnic

The Canadian Club in Dhaka decided to host this picnic to encourage all of the families who are treating their children to continue, to celebrate the children who have completed therapy and to recognize the contributions of the staff.

We had a barbecue lunch, followed by games, art activities and a clown.  At the end we had a small award ceremony where we thanked all of the hospital staff for their hard work and dedication to helping treat children with cancer. We were very fortunate to have Arif Hafiz, a local professional photographer, who donated his time and abilities to document the event.

I plan to print some of his photos of survivors which will be printed and displayed on the ward at the hospital with a small biography of each child.  These stories and photos will help to encourage families whose children are on treatment to continue, and reinforce the message that cancer is curable. There is still a huge misconception amongst the general public in Bangladesh that cancer is not curable in children.

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