Friday, June 13, 2014

Play room progress

After 3 meeting with the Architect and his team, work has finally begun on the play room.

First there was a meeting with the Junior Architect to discuss the design. Then there was a meeting with the main architect to confirm the plan and negotiate the price.  During this meeting we agreed to a price and a time frame for completing the work. I specifically asked if he needed a cash advance, as this is quite common in Bangladesh, and I was told no.  Five days went by and no work had been done, despite a promise to start immediately. The next day the Junior Architect came to the hospital and told me that in order to start the work, he'll need an advance of $250! Why didn't you tell me this a week ago!  

Yesterday, when the painters finally arrived to start work, the space was still full of junk and furniture.  Furniture which I had been assured would be moved out of the space 2 days ago. The furniture did finally get moved and the painters got to work sanding and priming.

Now my next task, making sure that the glass windows and new sliding door get installed correctly.  Somehow I've become more than just the department's palliative care doctor, I am also construction supervisor!

I'm hoping that the play room will be done before the World Child Cancer team visiting from London arrive next week. At least the walls will be painted!

The play room with the furniture moved out.  Walls are painted.  Now for the new door and windows.  The new door and wall will start from where the painter is standing and will serve to enclose the space and allow it to be locked. The play room needs to be locked except when the play therapy volunteers are present, otherwise it will get dirty and all the toys will be lost. 

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