Sunday, July 27, 2014


Play therapy is now happening 2-3 days per week at BSMMU!
The playroom is finally finished!  Last week Gwen decorated the room with beautiful wall stickers, some of which were donated by TinyMe.  Play therapy is now available with volunteers 2-3 times per week!  The kids and parents now understand the routine: remove shoes and wash hands before entering the playroom.

At first we had a lot of tears whenever a child had the leave the playroom as he or she would want to keep the toys, but now everyone seems to better understand the routine. Every couple of months we do distribute gifts of toys to all the children on the ward.  These are toys which are donated and but aren't suitable for the playroom: stuffed toys or those that aren't durable enough for repeated use.

Hot air balloons to brighten the walls.

Putting stickers on the glass doors, so that no one walks into them!

Underwater scene on the ward.

Jungle scene above bed 12.

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