Thursday, July 10, 2014

Vist to Sylhet

This week, as part of the World Child Cancer visit, I also visited Sylhet as this will be another satellite centre.  Afiqul, Karen and I taught a workshop on pediatric cancer and palliative care while we were there.  The visit was very well received and we have invited 2 pediatric junior doctors and 2 nurses from the pediatric ward to come to BSMMU for a 1 month training period when they can work on the children's cancer ward and receive extra training.  At this time there are no pediatric cancer specialisits in Sylhet, there are only pediatricians who are doing some cancer treatment.  This is not ideal as they don't have sufficient specialized knowledge and training.  We hope that this one month training will be the start of more detailed and indepth training to improve the quality of care which is being provided in Sylhet.

Unfortunately we didn't get to visit the ward as our visit was cut short due to flight delays.

Here are some photos from Sylhet.  This was my first time travelling outside of Dhaka in Bangladesh!
Getting off the plane, 2 hours late!

Driving to the hospital, through tea plantations. 
Speaking at the Workshop on Childhood Cancer

Some of the workshop attendees; local paediatricians.

Afiqul making a passionate speech about ensuring that all children with cancer get access to the highest quality treatment available.

Walking back across the runway to board the plane home, also 1 hr late.

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