Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Getting bumpers installed on the car.

Given that the traffic here is pretty bad and many cycle rickshaws will use your car bumper as a way to stop, we decided to get bumpers installed on the car today.  These will hopefully protect the car from getting really scratched up, although I am doubtful given the way people drive here.

First I had to pick which bumpers I wanted.  This involved going to the shop and having a variety of different bumpers held up to the car while I decided.  Then I was given a price.  It seemed a bit high, so there was some arguing back and forth and I managed to get the price down to something which sounded more reasonable.  Then my driver told them that they should give me a further discount because I was from the Canadian High Commission.  This reduced the price slightly more.

The deal was struck and they said that the bumpers could be installed right away.  Great.

The bumpers were given to a 15 y.o. shop boy who took them in a cycle rickshaw and told us to follow him in the car.   We followed him off the main road, but into the slum behind.  To this little shop, where apparently the welding would be done. 

Welding took over an hour while I waited in the blazing heat.  Finally it was finished and the welder even jumped on the back bumper to demonstrate how well it was attached to the car.  

We needed to go back to the first shop to pay.  To save time and avoid traffic, we drove up the wrong side of the road to get back to the shop!  The driver waving the rickshaw drivers out of his way as we drove!
The local bumper welding shop.  
I was invited to sit of this chair to wait.  The photos do not capture how hot it was...35 degrees.

Waiting for the car to be done in the shade of the local tea stand.  Current number of people working on the car: 1, number of people watching: 5 
The tea stand owner shows up and opens up shop.  He sells tea, pastries, bananas, and cigarettes. Local gossip is free.
My driver (Michael) is in the background keeping an eye on the welding.

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