Wednesday, September 4, 2013


Well, a week has already gone by.  It has been busy, but I am definitely feeling settled in.  Our apartment feels like home already. I get more comfortable and confident navigating the craziness of Dhaka everyday.

Yesterday I visited the Travellers' Clinic in the American International School where I will be working. I am now officially on staff!  The email below was sent out this morning to the staff at most Embassies and High Commissions, so I'm sure I will be busy!  There are 600-700 children at the American School.

What's the difference between an Embassy and a High Commission?
A High Commission is diplomatic mission in a Commonwealth country (by another Commonwealth country)
An Embassy is a diplomatic mission to a non-Commonwealth country.
The same applies to ambassador vs high commissioner.

Local park, sponsored by City Bank.  A sign further down the path advertises their Hajj Savings Plan.

What better way to promote your Bank, than sponsorship of this empty fountain?
It is better than the other fountain which is full of stagnant water (and mosquito larvae carrying Dengue fever)...

Local mosque as seen from the window of our apartment.  This explains why the call to prayer is so loud at 4:15am...Although, I've already started sleeping through it.

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