Monday, September 2, 2013

Monday and Tuesday

Monday I went shopping with Lara again.  This time for clothes and household goods.  I bought a few salwar kameeze to wear.

Monday afternoon I met with Dr. Islam who is the lead for the World Child Cancer project in Bangladesh.  This is the project which I am going to be volunteering with, to advise and teach them about pediatric palliative care.  I will start next week by giving bedside rounds daily with the residents on the oncology ward at the hospital where he works.

This afternoon I am meeting the teams at both the American School clinic and the British High Commission.
New blooms in the park by our house.

Looking north from the lakeside path at Gulshan Lake.

United Hospital where Dan and I are now registered.  While we were there getting our registration cards we were asked to be photographed for promotional materials for the hospital.  We politely declined....

Free medical advice in the park. Really you don't need me as long as you stick to that moderate dite!

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