Sunday, April 7, 2013

Easter Sunday

We started with a church service at Southwark cathedral including the handing out of fair trade Easter eggs for children and others.  We enjoyed walking around the South Bank and enjoyed lunch at the Cathedral’s cafĂ©.  Delicious quiche and pea soup.  

We then grabbed to tube to get to the Hammersmith Bridge where we could watch the Boat Race.  This race happens annually on Easter Weekend, pitting the 8 man rowing team from Oxford against Cambridge.  Oxford won decisively won the race this time.  It was a great event, with tons of people crowding the bridge and sides of the Thames.  I think that there have been 4 or 5 years where at least one team's boat sank, but this year both made it across the line!

Highlights of London:
1.     Tapas at White Rabbit
2.     Drinks with the Spaniards at Hens and Roosters
3.     Winslow Boy at the Old Vic
4.     Walking across Waterloo Bridge at night

T Tomorrow morning we leave for Paris!

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