Sunday, April 7, 2013


More delicious pastries from around the corner for breakfast and a picnic of soft baguette and cheese at the Tulleries.  A morning at the Louvre separated the two meals. The recently opened Islamic Art collection was our first stop at the Louvre.  We also checked out arts of the America’s and Pacific, avoiding the crowds around the Mona Lisa. 
Another delicious dinner!

The afternoon involved picnic at the Tulleries.  Another delicious dinner at home consisted of bread, cheese, wine, pate and salad all from the local market.  We spent the evening doing a classic French activity, going to the cinema.  We saw the Quartet at the theatre at La Bastille.  Afterwards we wondered through the Ma…., to the Centre Pompidou, across the bridge to Notre Dame before heading home.  Tomorrow morning we head home.  

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