Thursday, January 6, 2011

Clear Skies and Below Zero Temperatures

Finally the mercury has dipped below freezing, proverbially speaking.  The clear sky of last night continues and there was a spectacular sunrise this morning around 9am.  Every week the length of the daylight increases by 30 minutes!  Today there were 4 hours and 53 minutes between sunrise and sunset (according to NASA's calculations).

Today I saw lots of chubby Inuit babies in my clinic.  They look so cute and cuddy!  Just like baby polar bears (which I have not seen any of yet).  Although my neighbours do have an entire adult polar bear skin complete with the head on their living room wall, yikes!

All of the mothers here carry their babies on their backs inside their parkas. There is a special parka called an amauti just for carrying your baby in!
Not my photo, but you get the idea of the amauti.

8:30am from my bedroom window.

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