Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hyperactive children...

Today I held my first outpatient clinic.  Unfortunately schools and government offices were closed due to the weather and thus only half of my patients arrived.  The weather was unseasonably warm (4 degrees Celsius) and as the snow melted to expose the ice underneath it became extremely slippery.  Yikes!  It's supposed to be warm until the weekend when it will go back down to -8.

My first patient, aged 14 months was very active and was climbing all over her mom and the office.  She also had her 2 and a half year old sister with her, who proceeded to explore all the cupboards and shelves in my office.  Unfortunately there are no toys in my office!  (In case you're wondering, toys are standard equipment in a pediatrician's office.)

View from the hospital of the Frobisher Inn. 

The logo of the Qikiqtani Region Hospital. Which is used to decorate the walls and floors.  I think it's two fish and a bird.

The nursing station decked out for the holidays.  The hospital logo is incorporated into the floor.

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