Sunday, January 30, 2011

Moving Day

Today the entire hospital in North Bay moved to the new site.  Amazingly the whole thing went off without a hitch.  All the patients were moved by around noon and there were plenty of extra people on site to help with moving all of the equipment after the patients were moved.

Stretchers lined up waiting to transfer patients to the new hospital.

Ambulances lined up to take patients to the new site.

Front entrance of the new hospital.

Sunny main corridor in the new hospital.

Getting settled in the new NICU.

Of course there were a few small problems, mostly we were having trouble finding things when we arrived at the new site.  I needed the size 00 laryngoscope blade urgently at around 12:30 for a premature baby's delivery and it couldn't be found.  Just as we were getting ready for the baby's delivery, the blade arrived from the old hospital on a cart of NICU supplies.  The new NICU is about 5 times larger than the old one.  It's a huge improvement and we got to try it out today when the new premature baby arrived!

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