Monday, January 3, 2011

Day 1 at Qikiqtani Regional Hospital

I woke up this morning to discover that the electricity was not working.  First I tried to turn on the lamp, which didn't work.  Then I tried the light switch, then I looked out the window and realized that the whole town was dark. From my room on the second floor I have a view of a large portion of the town and the bay.  After a week of holidays, a cup of coffee and a shower would have helped to start the day, especially considering that I had to wear the same clothes as yesterday.  This is certainly turning into an experience more reminiscent of Botswana than I had anticipated.

I spent a quiet day getting to know my way around the hospital.  It's new and very clean and colourful.  I have my own office which is used by each pediatric resident. I checked out some of the resources in my office including the Nunavut Food Guide which includes "traditional" or "country" foods, and has a picture of a whale on it!

Tomorrow I will start to see patients in my clinic!

Also my luggage has arrived.  Although it took three calls to the airport to find out.  It doesn't seem like they were going to contact me...and they refused to deliver it, despite having promised to do so yesterday...Well at least I have something clean to wear tomorrow.

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