Sunday, January 2, 2011


I am spending the next two weeks working in Iqaluit, Nunavut.  I guess this blog is becoming about medical adventures in hot and cold places.  I arrived in Iqaluit today after boarding a plane in Ottawa which then made stops in Montreal and Kuujjuaq (northern Quebec). Total time spent squished into the window seat beside a large Inuit teenager, 6.5 hrs.  Apparently over Christmas First Air does this "milk run".  Thankfully my flight home is direct to Ottawa and only 3hrs long.

Unfortunately, my bag did not arrive!  Containing all my clothes, food, stethoscope and reading material!  I'm not sure how this happened since I never changed planes...but there's another flight tomorrow, so hopefully it will arrive then.  Meanwhile I'll be wearing hospital scrubs until a change of clothes arrives.

I arrived around 3pm and it was still light out, although within the next 30 minutes darkness descended.  The weather here is a balmy -3 degrees with high winds and blowing snow.  Definitely less intense than I was expecting.  Keith, a coordinator for the hospital, picked me up and gave me a quick tour of the town.  Population approximately 8000.  There are the usual grocery stores, government buildings and the hospital. The big difference I noticed was how far off the ground all the windows are; I presume this is because of the height of the snow in the winter.

Flying into Montreal, the first stop on the milk run.

Kuujjuaq airport, my second stop.  Weather was blowing snow.

Finally arriving in Iqaluit.  Walking to the terminal, only to find my bag had not arrived.
I'll try to keep posting about my adventures up here!  I'm hoping to go dogsledding at some point (when I'm not busy with medicine).

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