Sunday, January 9, 2011


Sled dogs hanging out.  They're kept tied up on the edge of town.

Looking back at Iqaluit from near the airport.

Cross Country Skiing with Dr. Jetty.

We also had a husky puppy along for a run.

Skiing as the sun sets.
Today was a great adventure.  I went for a walk with Sarah, my roommate this morning.  We walked all the way out past the airport.  We saw where the sled dogs are tethered on the edge of town.  They don't seem to get cold staying outside all the time.  I am told that you only feed them a couple of times per week!

After a delicious brunch at the Frobisher Inn, waffles, Arctic char, scallops, eggs benedict, I headed out skiing with Dr. Jetty and couple of her friends.  I only found out afterwards that the friends had been to both the North and South Pole and were planning to kite-ski the Northwest Passage this spring!  Our ski must have seemed like a walk in the park for them.

Skiing was cut short by a page from the hospital, but while driving back into town, I had a great view of the Northern Lights again!

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