Sunday, March 24, 2013

Roman London

Sunday was a busy day!  I started out by going to church at Southwark Cathedral on the Southbank.  As it was palm Sunday the service started outside the church with the congregation singing some hymns followed and then the choir and clergy arriving.  We then continued singing as we walked back to the church.  It was really interesting as we started in the covered outdoor market nearby, the Borough Market, which is a delicious food market on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays.

Where the service started from (I took this after the service was over)

Southwark cathedral, originally founded as a convent in 606 AD!

Nearby pirate ship, which was hosting a children's birthday party!

Looking across the Thames at the Gerkin.
Portion of the wall of the amphitheatre.

More of the walls
After church, I walked around the Southbank area briefly as it was freezing cold.  Then I headed to the Guildhall Art Gallery, which houses a small portion of the ancient Roman coliseum which has recently been discovered.  In the basement of the Art Gallery an area has been excavated to reveal an ancient amphitheatre!  

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