Sunday, March 24, 2013


This is a fabulous restaurant where I went for Tapas on Friday evening with friends!  The food was amazing.  The cold dishes we tried were:
-eggplant with pomegranate ( a traditional Lebanese combination)
-prime rib with mint/cilantro sauce
-yellow fin tuna
Maria and Yasmina enjoying Friday night!

Lamb (left) and Sea Bass with mussels (centre)

The window full of desserts.

Desserts were amazing to look at, but we were almost to full to try any.

Hot dishes included:
-burrata (cheese) wrapped in vine leaves with grapes (also warm)
-tofu with mussels
-sea bass
-lamb, this was the most tender lamb I had ever tasted (and I have tried a lot of lamb)

Overall this restaurant is fabulous, it's also quite famous and we almost didn't get a seat as we didn't have a reservation, but at the last minute a space opened up at the counter and we ate there.  Dessert was a small lemon tart share between the 3 of us! 

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