Thursday, March 14, 2013

Oxford and Helen House

Wednesday I went on a day trip to Oxford to visit Helen House and Douglas House.  These are two hospices which are located at the same site.  They are on the ground of an abbey.  Helen house was the first children's hospice in the world, it opened in 1982.  Douglas House is a hospice specifically for young adults, aged 18-35.

On of the doctors who works at these hospices kindly agreed to have me come and spend the day seeing the hospices and observing her at work.  I took the train from London early on Wednesday morning and arrived at Helen House around 10 am.  

Speeding through the English countryside.

The English love their green hills.

 I spent the day with Dr. Emily Harrop.  She showed me around the hospices and explained about how they each work.  I was able to see some patients with her and attend some of the team meetings.  She kindly arranged for me to have lunch at the hospice, which was delicious.  Some of the cooks at the house also work as chefs in local restaurants.

I didn't take any photographs as there is an excellent interactive tour of both hospices on their website.  I returned home to London at the end of a long day.  Here is the link for the hospices:

Bikes parked at the train station in Oxford.

Taking a double decker bus through Oxford to get to Helen House.

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