Monday, March 25, 2013

Democracy (In)action

Late in the afternoon on Monday, I paid a visit to the House of Commons to listen to some good parliamentary debate. I was warned when I arrived that it would take about 1 hour to get through all the lines, but I was undeterred and in the end it was only 30 minutes before I was sitting listening to the House of Commons debate.  There were a series of queues, I am in Britain after all.  The first of which was outside in the cold, brrr.  Then there was a wait in Westminster Hall, which is the largest medieval hall in Europe.  Churchill was laid in state here after he died.  
Large stained glass in Westminster Hall.

Beautiful wooden arched ceiling in Westminster Hall.  The hall was build between 1097-1099, originally the roof was supported by two lines of columns.  The present hammer beam roof was reconstructed in 1401, making it the largest timber roof in Europe.


Big Ben up close, from inside the secure area of Westminster.

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