Monday, March 11, 2013

Follow the White Rabbit

The white rabbit was evidently quite late for dinner, but given that we are on Spanish time, he ended up being the first one there.
Late on Saturday evening, I went for dinner with another doctor who is also visiting and observing in Palliative care.  She is from Madrid and is nearing the end of her training in pediatric oncology (cancer).  She had a few acquaintances in London, so a group of 6 of us when out for dinner.  We were 3 Spaniards, one Brasilian, an Australian and myself.

We went to a very hip tapas place called White Rabbit, although I don't even think that there was a sign outside the door. 

We shared; baby lamb chops, sirloin, rabbit with barley, goat cheese, prosciutto, and venison to name a few.  The spanish speakers didn't know what venison was and once I explained they kept referring to it as Bambi!  "This Bambi is delicious!" (add Spanish accent).

The highlight was dessert of chocolate ganache, bergamot mascarpone, raspberry gel with chocolate crumbs.  Delicious.  

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