Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Emirates Air Line!

Yesterday I was approached to be a hair 'model' while shopping.  Basically someone for a hair styling student to practice on.  I said yes, given the current state of my hair, I figured that I had nothing to lose. The stylist was a very lovely (albeit slightly nervous) young lady named Rainey.  I had an excellent hair cut, but it took 2 hours...  Coffee was served, magazines were offered and I didn't have to pay anything. Overall I would do it again.  Here's a shot of the new do!  

This morning I went to the Geffyre Museum (pronounced Jeffery).  It is the museum of the home, with rooms showing how a typical middle class home would have looked from the 1700s onwards.  I didn't take any photos, but here's what the gardens look like.  The building was originally build as a home for pensioners, which meant that it was one step up from the workhouse if you were poor, old and had nowhere to go.  The lovely grounds meant that in the early 1900s it was saved from demolition.

In the afternoon I check out the new Emirates Air Line, which is a raised gondola over part of east London, it's officially part of the tube network, so you can use your tube pass (Oyster card) to go on it.  It's perhaps a bit over-rated, but here is the view.  

Up we go!

The view...a bit lacklustre.

Crossing the Thames, O2 Stadium on the south bank.

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