Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Visit to Shooting Star Hospice

Today I was able to visit both Shooting Star Hospice and Richard House.  These are two of the hospice's in the Greater London area.

Shooting Star is in the southwest (close to Heathrow) and I went there this morning, both to check on a patient with one of the Great Ormond Street doctors and to see the facilities.

The hospice provides mainly respite care for children with life limiting/life threatening diseases.  There is also a day program which provides specialized preschool 4 days per week to these children.  The hospice is funded entirely through charitable donations.

Typical Patient Room.

The rooms are arranged in a circular fashion around a centre garden/courtyard.  All the rooms have doors opening onto the courtyard.

The central courtyard.

Hydrotherapy pool.

Hang out area across from nursing station.

Bright and airy dining room and living room area.
Dining room from the other side.

Teen room.

Preschool Day program area.

Preschool area.

Outdoor play area.

There is a small swimming pool/therapy pool.  There are music, art room, play and sensory rooms to name a few.  The outdoor courtyard and garden are also used a lot.  The English believe strongly in the value of some fresh air (despite the fact that it's only about 5-10 degrees these days)!

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