Monday, March 25, 2013

Tower of London

Dan has been telling me that I should definitely go to the Tower of London since the day I arrived.  Today I finally went, the first attraction that I have had to pay for!  Here are some photos.  Obviously I was not allowed to take any of the Crown Jewels, which were the highlight.  

White Tower in the centre of the Tower of London, full of armour, cannons and the like.

Looking down from the wall, baboons are sculptures as the Tower used to house a variety of animals, including lions!
The animals were all moved to a zoo in the 1800's, although, not until a lion had torn a strip off a lady's arm while she was petting its paw.  Initially there weren't enclosures to separate the public from the wild animals.
The ostrich met an unfortunate end when members of the public fed it iron nails, believing that ostriches ate metal!

Looking over at Tower Bridge from inside the Tower of London.

One of Henry VIII's many suits of armour. He was never able to wear this suit as he was too obese and old (49 yrs) when the occasion to wear it came up.

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