Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Monday was a team training day, so I took some more time to explore London.

I got off at King's Cross/St. Pancreas station to explore a bit.

Early Monday morning, at St. Pancreas station. 

Interior of St. Pancreas Station.

Newly restored hotel at St. Pancreas station.

St. Pancreas station.

Next door is the the British Library where then original Magna Carta is housed along with many other original manuscripts (Handel's Messiah, Yesterday by the Beatles, a Gutenberg Bible).  No photographs allowed of those documents.

The King's Library of rare books housed in the British Library.  Special visitors only.

Replica Gutenberg printing press

St. Pancreas above the British Library.  

Then I headed over to the British Museum again.  I focussed on Egypt.  I spent over 3 hours, but still only scratched the surface.  I joined a guided tour of early Egypt.

Rames II, the hole in the shoulder is possibly from when Napoleon's army tried unsuccessfully to move the statue.

Then it was sunny, so I went to Kensington Garden to get some much needed fresh air and sun.

Early spring flowers in Kensington Garden

Last stop was Harrods to explore the famous food halls.
Food Hall at Harrod's

Food Hall

Outside Harrods at dusk

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