Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Sunday and the Tate Modern again!

More exploring.  Sunday morning I went to St. Paul's Cathedral for church.  It is beautiful.  Unfortunately the observatory on the roof is currently closed, but was probably going to be freezing out there anyways.  I then headed to the Museum of London, which chronicles the cities history from ancient times.  Very interesting and full of excited children.  Most random fact: shoes used to be made for either foot, there was no left or right shoe.

Then I went on to the Tate Modern as I hadn't had my fill on Friday night.  It was a lot more crowded.  Turns out that there are not many children at a museum at 9:30pm on a Friday compared to a Sunday afternoon.  I fortified myself with tea and cookies while gazing out at the Thames from the top floor cafe.

Tate Modern cafe view of the Thames and St. Paul's.

After the Tate Modern closed I walked back across the Millennium bridge to catch the tube home.  Overall a successful weekend exploring London.

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